dracula casanova brWith Story of My Death, Albert Serra established a lucid connection between these two myths of Western culture , and also linked them to the experience of artistic creation.

Seduction and vampirism may be the defining motifs of artistic practice, understood from the perspectives of both the creator and the receiver of the work. And these are the areas which the series aims to explore, taking inspiration from Serra's work.

There will be a screening and a review of the film, a perspective and discourse by Vicenç Altaió regarding all aspects of contemporary art, a look at the emergence of Serra in the world of visual arts at Documenta 13 in Kassel (2012), and a look through the eyes of two photographers on the presence of Casanova and Dracula in our surroundings.

Tuesday, 22nd April ETC Espai de Teatre i Cinema at 9.00 pm
Història de la meva mort, 2013. Screening and discussion of the film, with Albert Serra (director) and Vincenç Altaió (actor). Organised by Cineclub Vic

Friday, 25th April L’Atlàntida Bar-Restaurant and El Gravat at 9.00 pm
Exhibition opening Casanova by Sandra Ortiz (L'Atlantida) and Dracula by David Muñoz (El Gravat). The exhibition will run until 29 May 2014. Organised by L’Atlàntida Bar-Restaurant i El Gravat

Friday, 16th May ACVIC at 8.00 pm
Albert Serra, a foray into the world of art. Starting with a screening of short pieces by filmmaker Artur Tort, camera and photography director, there will follow a talk about Albert Serra's relationship with the world of art, and the actual experience of participating in Documenta (13) of Kassel.

Thursday, 29th May Casino de Vic at 8.00 pm
UVic Readers' Club at the Casino as part of the Summer University. Book launch of Un traficant d’idees a les fronteres de l’art  by Vincenç Altaió (Comanegra ed.). With Vincenç Altaió and Victor Sunyol. Moderator Biel Barnils

ETC Espai de Teatre i Cinema (Passeig de la Generalitat, 46)
L’Atlàntida Bar-Restaurant (Francesc Maria Masferrer, 4)
El Gravat (Sant Miquel dels Sants, 19)
Casino de Vic (Jacint Verdaguer, 5)

Images of the screening Història de la meva mort and discussion of the film, with Albert Serra (director) and Vincenç Altaió (actor). Organised by Cineclub Vic
Autor of the images: Marina Raurell