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Saturday, 25th May 2013
10 pm ACVic (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)
4.30 pm Outpost Artists Resources (1665 Norman St. Ridgewood, New York)

Deriva Mussol and Walk Exchange invite you to an hour and a half long simultaneous walk in the town of Vic and in the city of New York.

To document the action, we propose, to anyone who wishes to do so, a field collection of objects, photos, sketches, writings, sounds and videos during the walk. The material gathered will be exchanged with New York, sent in a package by mail. This gesture will bear witness to our simultaneous action, expressing the intention to promote new relationships between cultural and educational communities.

At the end, the two groups will share the experience in a Skype meeting between the Centre d’Arts Contemporànies in Vic [http://www.acvic.org] and Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood, New York, [http://www.outpostartistsresources.org].

Deriva Mussol will meet at 10 pm at ACVic (C. Sant Francesc 1, Vic), and will begin the walk at 10.30 pm*. The Skype conversation with Walk Exchange will begin, also at ACVic, at 12 midnight.

The Walk Exchange will begin its walk at 4.30 pm at Outpost Artists Resources (1665 Norman St. Ridgewood, New York). The Skype conversation with Deriva Mussol will begin at 6 pm.

Deriva Mussol propose invitations to walkabout as opportunities to generate and share creative learning processes. [http://www.derivamussol.com]

Walk Exchange is a collective promoting creative and educational walks, which value the body as a means of producing and transmitting learning. [http://www.walkexchange.org]

*We suggest participants wear comfortable shoes, and take food and a drink with them, and also, for those walking with Deriva Mussol, a flashlight.


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