AlbertComaBau KALI brA video by Albert Coma Bau

“During the lockdown, I gave up the studio where I have worked for the past seven years.
The day I entered the studio, I covered the whole floor with paper, so as not to stain the original ground while I was working.
The paint stains, the rips in the paper, the lived experience in that space and time, all left their marks on that surface.

While I went through the pandemic and the lockdown, I sensed change, and the ending of a way of doing things. KALI refers to a Hindu goddess who symbolises the destructive force, and the beginning of a new cycle.”

I undress, and I fuse with memory,
I am all that I was, self and other,
I learn, and I am grateful
I am movement itself, and I move to another place, towards another me.


This video is included in the exhibition INDÒMIT, by Albert Coma Bau, with ACVIC as co-collaborator, at Museu de la Pell, in Vic, at the Carrer de l'Arquebisbe Alemany, no. 5.

Albert Coma Bau

20/1 – 21/3/2022

Curated by Ernest Crusats Font

Albert Coma Bau’s works are all about the spontaneity of the line. A radically vivid and visceral line, bound to the present, in continuous movement, scouring every corner of his artworks to impregnate them with an extremely vigorous sensitivity.

Albert’s lines are expression in constant evolution, demonstrating that the artist’s journey is closely related to his own personal, social and innermost experiences, in a context of universal change and disorientation that spills over in new artistic proposals and new representations in his artworks.

In this exhibition, three series, differentiated in form and at heart, are on display. In the first, a figurative expression of the pure shape, and next, two previously unexhibited series which explores the tension that leads his work towards abstraction, a concern that constitutes a new language in his recent art, one which is on display for the first time in this exhibition. A videographic work recorded by Toni Casassas in spring 2020, during lockdown, forms an umbilical cord connecting the series, and may be read either as a break-out, or as an absolute change in direction for the artist.