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refers to a programme establishing the relationship art-nature-rural environment, developed in collaboration between ACVic and Ajuntament de Sant Bartomeu del Grau.


As part of this programme the artist Pablo Sanz is taking part in a residence at Sant Bartomeu del Grau. This residence is also part of Campo Adentro, a project which is being carried out in different rural areas throughout the Spanish context. ACVIC-SBG and CAMPO ADENTRO have signed an agreement to promote this joint residence on a cooperative basis.

Pablo Sanz is working in a project of research and artistic creation, based on the soundscape of the town of Sant Bartolomeu del Grau. Setting in motion a collaborative process, a proposal to approach the exploration of the area/town through listening,
carrying out a mapping in an attempt to identify and collect representative elements, and to discover those which remain hidden. The aim is to evaluate and engage interest in this intangible heritage as an integral part of the experience of place and to investigate its potential for creation.

The project will give rise to an archive documenting the gathered materials as well as reinterpretations of them presented as an installation or as listening pieces. To access material Pablo Sanz's process is generating during his residences in the town of Sant Bartolomeu del Grau, visit the blog: http://campoadentro.es/blog/?author=12

Along with the blog, Pablo Sanz is setting up a sound map which will serve as a roadmap, and will show the outcome of the sonic exploration developedin the area. To access http://aporee.org/maps/projects/sbg

ACVIC -SBG. The aim of ACVIC-SBG is to develop a line of analysis on the theme of landscape in rural contexts, and how these rural contexts may permit mechanisms of artistic production to be formulated/constructed. Analysing, from the starting-points of representation and research, how to provide stimulus to those elements which increase the value of tangible and intangible heritage in rural contexts. The local connection between culture and ruralism in the context of an agro-industrial urban and globalised system raises tensions which, through the medium of artistic practises, suggest a field of investigation which may be turned towards experimental applications.

Campo AdentroCampo Adentro. The aim of Campo Adentro Residency Programme is to contrast in practice the approaches expressed during the International Conference, and at the same time to carry out a creative investment in rural issues, encouraging artists to come closer to the rural environment, and providing rural communities with resources for self-expression and cultural generation. To experiment with site-specific and long-term methods of collaborative art, wherever possible portraying, criticising, transforming or producing the essential concepts which underlie the rural reality. http:campoadentro.es

Pablo Sanz. Registre de sonsPablo Sanz. Registre de sons

Pablo Sanz. Registre de sonsPablo Sanz's work recognises from the outset the importance of listening, and of the medium of sound, as ways of understanding, both in the personal sphere in relation to many other areas of understanding/knowledge, and as an experience of great aesthetic value. His work is based on sensory exploration of the environment and landscape, their geographical,
architectural, urban, social and historical characteristics, paying attention to their importance and sonic reality, which is often obviated or relegated to the background, the legacy of our predominantly visual society.
Are there unique sounds in every town, city, landscape, building? What is the 'sonic footprint' of a place? it is possible to speak of acoustic 'identity'? What stories do these sounds tell us? Is it desirable to preserve this intangible heritage? is it possible? What do we, and what do we not, consider to be noise? How do the passage of time, and human activity, change the sonic landscape of a place? What experiences do 'hidden' sounds offer us? These are some of the many questions that arise and fuel a process which emphasises the immaterial, perception, detail, the everyday, and everything we usually do not perceive.
The main tools and techniques Sanz uses are derived from audiovisual recording and further processing of collected materials, primarily using digital technology. The result is sound environments in different formats, pieces for speakers or headphones, multi-channel compositions or works for radio and the Internet.
Some of his most recent works are in 2010 Sounding Site, a sound installation created for the south basement of La Tabacalera de Lavapies created from an exploration of the acoustic properties, architecture and sounds in the building. In 2009 he conducted a phonographic exploration project in The Hague, a work that focused on underwater explorations
conducted in the city canals and which was exhibited in different formats: an interactive map on the Internet, an installation in the gallery Lokaal01 of Breda, and the Royal Acdemy of Art in the Hague and an acousmatic concert performed in quadrophonic format at Loos Studio, The Hague.
Pablo Sanz's residence in Sant Bartomeu del Grau is part of the projects carried out in Campo Adentro programme and also part of the collaborative activities between ACVIC / SBG.


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