intervencio Seila brAs part of the CAPP programme, Hablarenarte and ACVic have scheduled residencies for the year 2017.

The starting point for the residency is the line of work taken from the most recent workshops of the QUAM; that is, a consideration of the Tanneries of Vic, and the context of this district. For this reason, the A+ Collective, formed by artists, architects and other Vic residents, has been invited to participate. The QUAM2015 workshop was led by Santiago Cirugeda, and the QUAM2016 workshop was led by Francesc Muñoz.


QUAM2017 includes a residency by artist Seila Fernàndez Arconada, and a series of activities and workshops organised in collaboration with A+ Col·lectiu, which will begin in July of 2017, and which will conclude in November.

The residency has begun by mapping the zone of the districts adjacent to the Tanneries and to ACVic, districts such as La Calla and l'Horta Vermella, with the objective of making use of collaborative practices as a tool for the creation of a community interested in reactivating the district and its surroundings. The project places emphasis on the need to open up meeting places which allow an analysis of the context to be made, as well as work based upon the exchange of knowledge.
For this reason, contact has been made with residents' associations and artists' collectives, and an open call has been distributed for participants in a workshop entitled TANNERIES: REACTIVATION AND COLLABORATIVE PROCESSES, which will be open to the general public.

The Tanneries are not merely "architectural ruins" in the town, but the memories of many of its residents, invisible to our eyes but rooted in Vic's culture and history. This baggage is palpable in conversation, and so, starting with the Tanneries, horizons broaden, opening up other ways of action.

Seila Fernández

Seila Fernández is an artist and a multidisciplinary researcher who has worked many years in exploring collaborative and participatory artistic methodologies, the hybridisation of the frontiers between these methodologies, and experimentation with social processes.

Seila has participated in exhibitions such as Imagined Landscapes at the Royal West of England Academy (United Kingdom) Inbetween Storage  (Latvia), the B-SIDE Festival (United Kingdom), ENCLAVE Land Art (Spain) and Migration, Identity and Belonging at the Institut Français (Mauritius). She has directed collaborative projects including The Land of the Summer People (with the Engineering Department at the University of Bristol) and Some: When together with Sage Brice and others affected by the flooding in Somerset (United Kingdom).

She is also a guest researcher at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Bristol (United Kingdom), and she participates in the research group Arte, investigación y feminismo at the Universidad del País Vasco. Seila also codirects the Functional Collaborative Futures artists' collective.

Seila has directed numerous workshops and international interventions. Recent examples include the AGU International Conference (United States), Communities Development in Post-Crisis Regions (Ukraine), Governing for Resilience in Vulnerable Places (Holland), Transnational Dialogues (China), On Earth, (United Kingdom) and Migration Identity and Belonging (Mauritius, selected by Gasworks London and Triangle Network), and presently in the Role Models Festival curated by METASITU (Ucrania).

For more information: www.seilafernandezarconada.net

Project blog: http://www.hablarenarte.com/capp/residencias-en-acvic/

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