difu QUAMJove 2019QUAM JOVE
From July 15th to 19th, 2019

Be among nature, and experiment with the creative possibilities of art

A workshop for children from 8 to 12 years of age

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One-week experimental, play and discovery workshops in contemporary art. A week of cross-disciplinary activities, discovering the link between art and nature while at play.


Every day, an artist from a specific field will visit the camp, f or example, an architect, a musician, a visual artist, a performer, and many other kinds of artists, and the activities of the day will develop in accordance with each artist’s field of experience.
We need to stay in touch with the natural environment, and with the sensory and aesthetic experience in the open.

A daily swim in a pool, direct contact with farm animals, outdoor excursions and workshops, group leisure activities, gymkhana, using flashlights in the dark, astronomy night, visual arts activities to allow young participants to express feelings and emotions, activities with water, and many more things to do, with a final party.

Each session will be relevant to the guest artist’s area of expertise, and themes will be connected to the idea of discovery using one of the 5 senses

- Monday: a place
Land Art / Smell

 - Tuesday: a shell
Sculpture, architecture and ceramics / Sight

- Wednesday: a sound, an emotion
Music and Sound Art / Hearing

- Thursday: things in movement
Performance and dance / Touch

- Friday: the final party
Synthesis and closing

The workshop will also be visited by experts from other fields, with whom to discover the natural environment that surrounds us.

Connecting to each other
After breakfast, we will connect to each other, and kick-off the day’s activities. What we like, what we do not like so much, how we feel, whether we would change something, how we have spent the night; the importance of taking care of ourselves and waking up together.

Experimental activities
Activities are aimed at promoting creativity, imagination and the development of different skills. Every day will focus in a different sense, using sensorial activities. There will also be personal creation activities based on the theme proposed by the guest artist, and which will form the basis of a project of collective creation.

Guest artists
Every day, a professional from a different artistic field will join the workshop. Each will talk about one of their personal artistic projects, their working process, the bond they have with nature, and will suggest a number of different activities related to art and nature.

The project
Throughout the whole week, a project of collective creation will take place, based on a proposal chosen by consensus among group members. This project will take shape using the experiences of each one of the collaborating artists. It may consist, for example, of a Land Art or a Sound Art project, or of the construction of a shelter, or of a performance, a video, or any kind of project

Casa de Colonies Mas Can Pic is an old Catalan farmhouse located in the region of Osona, in the district of Taradell (6 km from Vic) and at the foot of Montseny Mountain. The house is in a rural setting iamong natural surroundings. It has a swimming pool and a farm with different animals with which we can get in touch.

Mas Can Pic
Urbanització la Roca, s/n
08552 Taradell

€ 250 per participant (€ 200 for participants from previous ACVic workshops).

The registration period will be open until Tuesday, July 9th. Limited places. Bookings will be reserved according to order of payment.

The price includes: the expenses of the stay with full board, the team of monitors, artists and other collaborators, the material for activities and accident and civil responsibility insurance of.

It does not include: transport to the house, which must be arranged by participants’ families or guardians.

> access to the registration form

This workshop ia promoted by ACVic, as part of the QUAM (Montesquiu Art Fortnight). With this workshop, we propose to recover the essence of the Quinzena d’Art Jove, which took place years ago, and which brought artistic practices and nature together.

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