quam 2020 somniLIKE A DREAM

July 14-17, 2020

Being with nature in order to experiment with the creative possibilities of art

For boys and girls from 8 to 12 years old

This workshop explores the three-way relationship between ART + PLAY + NATURE. It consists of a four-day stay in a house located in the middle of the natural environment, where we will make discoveries, experiment and play with contemporary art, in an inter-disciplinary experience to find the connection between art and nature.

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Visiting artists from a variety of fields will join the workshop: a magician, a visual artist, a musician, a performer, etc. Each day’s activities, and a communal project, will be based upon these visiting artists’ inputs to the workshop.

In July we will need more than ever to rediscover our contact with the natural environment, and with our friends. The intention is to encourage the sensory and aesthetic experience that nature can bring us in a time of reconnection and critical thinking such as the present.

Art, as a language and a means of expression that it is, rarely seeks to represent reality faithfully. Some artists experiment with perceptions, distortions, illusions, lies and, finqally, with fiction. This will form the main strand of the workshop.


Direct contact with the natural environment, excursions and workshops in the natural environment, leisure activities, treasure hunt, flashlight-play at night, star and astronomy night, visual arts activities for expressing feelings and emotions, magic, theatre, activities with water, closing party ...

quamjove06 brCONTENTS

Each session will be linked to the guest artist's field of experience, and the theme will be related to the discovery of a sense.

Tuesday: Magic
Wednesday: Visual art
Thursday: Performing Arts
Friday: Final party

We will also be visited by experts from other fields with whom we can discover the landscape around us.

Ens connectem (We connect)
After breakfast, Ens connectem will kick off the day’s activities. What we like, what we don't like, how we feel, whether we would change anything, whether or not we had a good sleep at night ... it's important to take care of ourselves and wake up together.

The guest artists
Every day a professional from a different artistic field will lead activities. The artists will talk about a personal personal project of theirs, their work process, their connection with nature, and there will be a variety of activities so that participants can get to know them.

Experimental activities
There will be activities which will encourage creativity, imagination and the development of different abilities.
Sensory activities, each day focusing on a different sense. There will also be personal creative projects based on the theme suggested by the guest artist, and which will lead up to the collective creation project.

The project
During the week, a collective creation project will be carried out, based upon a proposal chosen by consensus among the members of each group. This project will take shape based on the experiences with each of the collaborating artists. It might be a Land Art project, a Sound Art project, a show, a performance, a video, etc.

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This workshop is promoted by ACVIC, within the framework of the QUAM (Quinzena d’Art de Montesquiu, Montesquiu Art Fortnight). This workshop will attempt to revisit the spirit of the Quinzena d’Art Jove (Young Art Fortnight) which took place years ago, and which made the connection between artistic practices and nature.

We will stay in a house located in the Esquirol, in the Cabrerès. The house is in a rural setting, in the middle of the natural environment.


€ 275 per participant (€ 220 participants from previous ACVic workshops).

Booking will remain open until Tuesday, July 7th. Places are limited, and reservations will be made with priority given to the earliest received confirmed payments.

The price includes: the expenses of the full-board stay, the team of supervisors, artists and other collaborators, material for activities, and accident and civil liability insurance cover.

It does not include transportation to the house, which should be provided by participants’ families.

Please note that the QUAM JOVE 2020 activity may be postponed or cancelled due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 health crisis.
The organiser agrees to refund the full amount of booking, in case of cancellation due to health restrictions as above.

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