Quam2020 15 07 Tria 06Summer camp!
From 8 to 12 years of age

From Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th July

An intensive time spent in natural surroundings to experiment with art’s creative possibilities.



In this intensive workshop, we will explore, through play, the three-way relationship between ART + CARE + NATURE. It consists of a four-day stay in a house located in Cabrerès, where we will make discoveries, experiment and play together, with contemporary art.

Sometimes we need to stay in touch with the natural environment, and let ourselves be drawn into the sensory and aesthetic experiences it can provide us with.

This year, the workshop’s core will be art which cares for the earth. We will talk about artists who use contemporary art to get closer to the land, as well as those who condemn environmental abuse. We will explore the themes of Art, care and land.

There will be visiting artists and specialists from a variety of disciplines such as literature, sculpture, performing and visual arts, and many others.

The week’s experiences will be collected in an artist's book. Activities will be interdisciplinary, and based upon sensory experience.


Direct contact with the natural environment, nature excursions and workshops, leisure activities, treasure hunt, playing with flashlights at night-time, night of stars and astronomy, activities related to contemporary arts that let participants express their feelings and emotional states, painting, ceramics, dance, water activities, final night party...

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Each day’s activities’ content will be structured according to the guest artist’s discipline.

Tuesday: Arrival, discovering the surroundings, creating the personal notebook to collect the whole week’s experiences.
- Wednesday: Visual arts; painting and ceramics.
- Thursday: Performing Arts; performance and dance.
- Friday: Literature, sound art and poetry.

There will also be experts from other disciplinary fields who will help participants discover the surrounding landscape, the flora and fauna that inhabit it, and the stars at night.

We connect
After breakfast, the day's activities will kick off with We Connect. What we like, what we don't like, how we are feeling, whether there is something we would like to change, how we spent the night ... it's important to take care of ourselves, and to wake up together.

Guests artists
Every day, a professional from a different artistic field will come to work with us. These artists will tell us about some personal project, their work process, their connection with nature, and to help us get to know them, we will take part in various activities.

Experimentation activities
These activities will encourage creativity, imagination, and the development of various skills.
Sensory activities, which each day will focus on a different sense. There will also be personal and collective creative activities, based on themes suggested by the day’s guest artist.

The notebook
On the first day, we will learn how many artists use notebooks for taking notes, sketching out their projects, or even when they go for a walk. In fact, some use their notebooks’s contents as a final, fully-formed work. We will also create a personal notebook for collecting the week’s experiences.

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Workshop promoted by ACVIC, within the framework of the QUAM.

We will stay in a house located in L’Esquirol, in Cabrerès. The house is in a rural setting, among natural surroundings.

€ 275 per participant (€ 220 for participants from previous ACVIC workshops).

The registration period will be open until Thursday, June 30th. Limited places. Places will be reserved by order of payment.

The price includes: full board, the work of the team of monitors, artists and other collaborators, material for carrying out activities, and insurance against accidents and civil liability.

It does not include transportation to the house, which must be provided by participants’ families.

The QUAM JOVE 2020 activity may be postponed or cancelled for reasons beyond ACVIC's control. The organisers undertake to refund the full registration fee, in the event of such cancellation.

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More information:
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