GIVE YOUR OPINION! | Final projects 2015-2016

Part of the project ART I ESCOLA 05
4th year pupils from Les Margues de Calldetenes Secondary School 

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Blinds to the sun

A group of blind people sit in the sun talking about their feelings. A new arrival to the group sits down with them, reading a book until he gradually looses his sight, upon which the book falls from his hands to the ground.
By Júlia Garcia, Alessi Gatehouse, Ivet Terricabras and Júlia Vilà

If you go away

A group of friends, a party, an accident, and a death. This sequence of events causes an argument between two girls, ending up in another death!
By Salwa Boujloud, Ariadna Codinachs, Maria Isern and Joana Marmol

Summer Time

Moments of sadness, remembering a friend who has gone without a trace.
By Marc Coll, Pol Font, Daniel Romero and Roger Sellabona

From all to nothing

A romance between a married man and a married woman leads to the death of his wife when she discovers that her husband has been unfaithful.
By Àlex Gulín, Salah Haddad, Joel Parcerisas and Àdam Pérez

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