ART + SCHOOL + TABOO. Art and School 07

Art and School

Art and school, how it works?
Working process during 2017-2018

ART i ESCOLA is a programme to promote and highlight the presence of art ischools.
For the school year 2017 – 18, Art i Escola's working proposal is centred upon the topic of Taboos. This topic is open to many different spheres and aspects of approach within schools, opening up possibilities of working upon themes which are perhaps unusual within the school context.


Art i Escola 07 in L'Agullola school, Rupit:
Art i Escola 07 in Guillem de Mont-rodon school, Vic:
Art i Escola 07 in Mare de Déu de La Gleva school, Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà:
More information about the projecte: web d'ACVic and artiescola.cat
And more information about the project's exhibition:  EXPO ART + ESCOLA + TABÚ
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