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ART i ESCOLA is a programme to promote and highlight the presence of art ischools. The initiative establishes a network of partnerships among different organisations working in the field of art and education, in conjunction with schools. It is based on the premise that education is a part of cultural production, and that the arts, considered as a multiplicity of contemporary forms, may provide several useful tools for revitalising educational activities.

ART AND SCHOOL is promoted by ACVIC Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, Centre de Recursos Pedagògics d’Osona, Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de Vic, Fundació Privada Osona Formació i Desenvolupament, H. Associació per a les Arts Contemporànies, Materials Educatius, Morir de Frío, Idensitat, Pakdart, Universitat de Vic, and interested individuals, and each edition is developed jointly with participating nursery, primary and secondary schools.

School year 2023-24

Remember that the specified dates may change according to the organisational needs of the programme.

Registration:  4th to 21st September

SCHEDULE 2023-2024

Opening day: Lecture about this year theme and meeting with the advisory team
Thursday, October 5th at 5:30 p.m.
Place: to be determined

October. After the initial meeting with the advisory team, work in the classrooms starts.

Meetings with the working team (Advisors + teachers):

1st meeting – Week starting October 16th  - Presentation with one of the members of the advisory team.

2nd meeting – Week starting November 27th – Visit to the Mortals exhibition + group meeting

3rd meeting – During February 2024. Individual meetings between a member of the advisory team and each school. Meetings will take place at ACVIC, the CRP or the schools. Teachers will stay in touch with their assigned advisor.

4th meeting - Week starting March 11th - joint meeting to decide each school’s project will be exhibited.

From March 23rd to April 1st - Easter holiday week

Completion of the projects and delivery of the materials for the collective exhibition
Week starting April 8th- Completion of projects, and delivery of materials.

Student day - presentation of the projects - Week starting April 8th - date to be determined

Exhibition Openingdate to be determined (beginning of May)

Final meeting - Exchange of experiences between teachers - to be specified


Very important!!! If you register for the programme, you must send us the your students’ image rights documents. You must download the document and have parents and/or guardians sign it.

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The Art and School team meets, as they do annually at the end of every school year, to evaluate the previous edition of Art and School, and to prepare the next. There has been a long debate on this year’s theme. All kind of suggestions arise until, all at once, the debate becomes more strident. There is controversy; there are those who like the proposed theme; those who believe that such a theme should be included in the school; and there are those who would sooner forget it. Euphemisms are sought to camouflage it a little. There are those who are afraid of it,  and those who would stand on the table and proclaim it far and wide. And suddenly we realise that this is Art and School; seeking debate, pushing ourselves to the limit, allow ourselves to discuss everything, and having the safety net of contemporary art allowing us to smooth such emotionally charged words.

We would like to talk about death as that which allows us to talk about life.

As that which makes us biologically human, indisputably alive.

Many times, in classrooms, we are forced to talk about death because there has been a personal loss. We would prefer about death before grief renders the theme taboo.

The theme of Death allows us to talk about the cycles of life and ecosystems, with their fragility, their beginnings, and their endings; to talk of the seasons of the year, of the Earth, of living beings, and of humanity.

It also deals with finitude and loss. How do we dispose of the things we own, both conceptual and material? Have you ever lost anything? A loved one? What is grief and how does it work? Does everyone griefs in the same way?

In death there is a cultural encounter. The way death is viewed from the perspectives of various cultures which are involved in participating schools may turn art into play, reflection, and debate.

In popular culture there are references to death within songs, fables, bestiaries, architecture, and other expressions.

Naming death will help us to love, to cherish and to enjoy life to the full.


The cycles of life

> Some artists who have worked on this theme (pdf in Catalan)

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