daliaadillon brExhibition by Dàlia Adillon
22.06 – 30.07.2022


Opening, wednesday 22st June 7pm
ACVIC Centre d'Arts Contemporànies (Sant Francesc, 1 Vic)



Illustration: Dàlia Adillon


Illustration as a way to be; this may sound strange, but Dalia has always had the ability to create reality through her drawings, to show a better world. A happier, funnier, safer, calmer, more alive, more abundant, more loving world. All this longing is technically translated into voluptuous shapes that bring movement and expressed through flat and saturated colours, not too intense, not too dark or too light, balanced. The image visualised, imagined, is reflected, captured in its moment of splendour and is forceful, decisive and plausible. In her illustrations, people are strong and free and live in harmony with each other, with objects, with the elements of nature. Everything that the line details, differentiates and expresses is then saturated in colour, which generates an inseparable continuum, a unique atmosphere for each illustration, always linked to its style. Nothing goes away, because it is well rooted, and so it can grow, it can live, it can move, like in a drawing of a woman in a yoga pose, which germinates and releases an exuberant mane rising into the air. Being strong and free, as I may have said before, here every possible thing you may have hoped for has come true. In the times we live in, it is an artistic rebellion not to express what is happening, but rather how you would wish the world to be, and to create it. Problems are not exposed, nor are the actions labelled as such, rather, the action is expressed, so that it can be, and expand from there. Dalia has always been like this, and I have always loved her like this, drawing and pressing forward, creating her reality.

Núria Armengol

Dàlia Adillon (Roda de Ter, 1986) is an illustrator. A Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, and a graduate in Illustration from the Escola Massana, she completed her final degree project at ISIA Urbino, Italy. For her, illustration is her way of communicating, her mother tongue. Hardworking, curious, and constant, she defines her work as elegant and colourful, with a synthesis of shapes and colours that characterise her personal and unique style. She has been recognised with several national and international awards, and her work has been exhibited around the world; Barcelona, London, Rome, Brussels, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and China. Her clients include: Alma Editorial, Kalandraka Editorial, Laurence King Publishing, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Quarto Kids, Santillana Editorial, Xarxa de Biblioteques Municipals de Barcelona, among others.

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