quam 22 03 brArtistic Camp in nature
From Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th July

Intensive stay in nature to experiment with the creative possibilities of art.

For children between 8 and 12 years of age

In this intensive workshop, participants will explore, through games, the relationship between art and nature.


[fulletó QUAM JOVE 2023]

It will consist of four days staying in a boarding house, where participants will take part in discovery, experimentation and play, based around contemporary art.

The ACVIC summer camp will take place in a natural environment. This year, the main theme of the workshop will be paths. Paths which cross the landscape, paths which tell us about where we are, about nature, and even about life!

Artists and specialists from various disciplines will pay a visit; from painting, sculpture, the performing arts, and literature, among others.

Throughout the week, participants will work on a collective interdisciplinary project, using their sensory experiences.

Direct contact with the natural environment, nature hikes and workshops, team games, water outdoor activities, treasure hunts, flash-light night games, night of stars and astronomy, activities related to contemporary arts which will let participants express feelings and emotions, painting, ceramics, dance, final night party


A guest artist will visit the summer camp every morning, and each afternoon, participants will together carry out a joint artistic project.

Each day’s content will be structured according to the discipline practised by the guest artist

- Tuesday: Arrival; finding out about the surroundings. and an introduction to the project which will last the whole week. - Wednesday: Visual arts. Drawing and painting. - Thursday: Performing arts. Performance, sound art and dance. - Friday: Literature and poetry.

Experts from other fields will also visit, to help participants find out more about the surrounding landscape, the flora and fauna that inhabit it, and the stars at night.

We connect
After breakfast, Ens connectem will kick off the day's activities. Participants express their likes and dislikes, their feelings, what they would like to change. how they spent the night... It´s important to take care of ourselves and start the day together.

Guest artists
Each day, a professional from a different artistic field will come to help the participants. These artists will explain some personal project, their work processes, their links with nature. And they will suggest various activities which will introduce participants to their artistic disciplines.

Experimentation activities
These activities will encourage creativity, imagination and the development of a variety of skills. Sensory activities, which each day will focus on a different sense. There will also be personal and collective creative activities, based on the theme proposed by the guest artist.

The project
Throughout the week, participants will carry out a collective creative project, based upon a proposal chosen by consensus among the members of each group. This work will take shape from the experiences with each of the collaborating artists. It could be a proposal for Land Art, Sound Art, a show, a performance, an artistic installation, etc.

Participants will board in a house located in l'Esquirol, el Cabrerès. The house is in a rural setting, in the middle of nature.

€290 per participant (€230 participants of previous ACVIC workshops).

Bookings will be open until Thursday, June 30th. Limited places. Places will be reserved according to order of payment.

The price includes; the expenses of the stay on a full board basis, payments for the educational team, artists and other collaborators, materials for activities, and accident insurance and civil liability

Please note that the above fee does NOT include transport to the boarding house, which must be arranged by participants’ families

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Vídeo de la QUAM JOVE 2022. Sense sabates
Vídeo de la QUAM JOVE 2020. Com si fos un somni
Vídeo de la QUAM JOVE 2019. El refugi de les idees

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* Images: QUAM JOVE 2022. Barefoot